ssNMR Instrumentation

Our lab features NMR instruments and software that are state of the art, including the patented multiple sample solids probe which is unique to our lab.  With this probe and our standard probe, we have five different probe setups available allowing a broad range of accessible nuclei.

Bruker Avance III 400 MHz Spectrometer

Solid State NMR
400 MHz ssNMR
  • 1 kilowatt amp on both primary channels
  • ​½ kilowatt amp on tertiary channel
  • 100 ms pulse length at full power
  • Variable temperature capable

Solids Probes

Five different probe setups available including four independent CP/MAS (Magic Angle Spinning) circuits and the Multiple Sample Solids probe, which is unique to our lab.  

  • Two 7 mm, two-channel (HX)
  • One 2.5 mm, two-channel (HX)
  • One 4 mm, three channel (HXY)
  • Bruker 4mm CP/MAS two-channel probe
ssNMR Rotors and magic angle spinning