Siena Case Autosampler

Sample Submissions

If you plan to access the spectrometer less frequently, need specialized experiments, or if you are a user external to KU, we have a sample submission service tailored to fit your NMR requests.

Sample Submission Options

We do our best to ensure samples are run within 24 hours of being submitted.  Samples are submitted to the cryoprobe twice daily.  If you want your samples run in the morning, please submit no later than 8:30 am.  If you want your samples run in the afternoon or evening of the same day, the submission deadline is 1:30 pm for SBC and 3 pm for ISB.  

There are two steps you must follow to properly submit a sample to the cryoprobe.

1) Leave your labeled NMR tube in the submission rack in ISB B143 or SBC 1004. Make sure label is legible.

2) Fill out the google doc in the appropriate tab (ISB or SBC). See "Submit To Cryoprobe" button at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes you need something more than the routine 1D or 2D experiments .  For more sophisticated needs, fill out our sample submission form (.docx). If you would like to discuss experiments in greater detail you can always contact Justin Douglas or Sarah Neuenswander.  We are also happy to help with data interpretation. 


We are happy to work with research groups external to KU whether academic or industry.  Please contact Justin Douglas to discuss our services and pricing in greater detail.

If you are sending a package, contact Sarah Neuenswander and let her know the package is on the way. Please use the following address:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

University of Kansas

Integrated Science Building, Room B143

1621 Ousdahl Road #1

Lawrence, Kansas 66045