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NMR - general

Things to know before operating an NMR spectrometer (Paris and Yosemite)

Chemical Hygiene Plan

How to access data

NMR checklist for London (400 MHz NMR in ISB B143)

NMR checklist for Paris (500 MHz NMR in Malott B042)

NMR checklist for Yosemite (400 MHz NMR in SBC 1004)

What is with all the checklists?

Why can't I process my 13C data from Siena on MestReNova?

Processing 1D 13C data on MestReNova

Sample submission form (general)

Sample submission form for Siena (500 MHz NMR in ISB B143)

How to use the CMLD-SCC BACs autosampler

NMR data processing using Topspin

NMR data processing using MestreNova

How to create PDFs of your spectra using Topspin

Aliasing FAQ


NMR - specialized experiments and techniques

How to set up the selective NOE

How to set up the NOE difference

How to set up a 1D TOCSY

How to set up 2H NMR

High Temperature NMR

NMR Timecourse

Homonuclear Decoupling

How to set up 19F on DRX 500 in Malott B042



Things To Know Before Operating An EPR Spectrometer

EPR Checklist


Circular Dichroism

Intro to CD



FDM processing guide

Structure Calculations with Xplor-NIH

Line shape fitting with nmrPipe


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