Phase 3 reopening of the NMR core lab

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Starting on Tuesday, June 23rd, the NMR core lab will enter the final phase of the reopening plan.  In this phase the NMR lab will return to operating conditions that are as close to pre-pandemic as possible at this time.  For trained users to the NMR labs in ISB, Malott, McCollum or SBC pre-pandemic rules for usage/access will be enforced.   

As part of our new social contract, there are three major considerations:

  1. Social Distancing and Masks

Public health experts continue to state that social distancing and masks are the best way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.  Masks are required at all times in the lab.  Users are expected to maintain a distance of 6’ with others in the lab.  In relatively large spaces, such as ISB B143 or Malott B042, this should not be an issue.  In smaller spaces, such as the EPR lab or the NMR labs in SBC, it is not possible for more than one person to be in the lab at the same time. 

  1. No “Loitering” in the Labs

The NMR core lab staff continues to suggest that users submit samples to Siena, the 500 MHz instrument with cryoprobe in ISB B143, if the queues on London or BigSur are full.  Guidelines are included below for efficient sample submission to this instrument.

  1. Cleaning/Disinfecting protocols.

Although there is evidence to suggest that surfaces are not the major mode of transmission of COVID-19, the NMR lab staff will clean shared items such as the mouse and keyboard of the workstations, spinners, the depth gauges, the desk surface and door knobs approximately once per day with an alcohol solution.

Likewise, we continue to strongly recommend that after leaving the lab all users immediately wash their hands in nearby bathrooms or use the hand sanitizer stations near the lab.


A note on gloves:  The NMR core lab has ordered (but not yet received) a small supply of gloves.  Given the difficulty in procuring PPE at this time, our supply must be reserved for the NMR lab staff.  Moreover, we are concerned about the potential for chemical contamination of shared keyboards, spinners and the depth gauge if synthetic chemists touch these items with gloves from their lab (to say nothing of any PPE supply issues these groups may be having).  Hence, the NMR core lab workstations will continue to be GLOVE-FREE.  It is strongly recommended that you wash your hands after visiting the NMR core labs using nearby bathrooms and/or hand sanitizer stations.


Protocol for Sample Submission to Siena (500 MHz with cryoprobe in ISB B143)

The NMR core lab staff highly encourage users to submit all non-time sensitive samples to Siena, the 500 MHz with cryoprobe in the basement of ISB.  The NMR lab staff will control this queue and there will be no time restrictions for this instrument. 

#1) Sample can be submitted either in ISB B143 or SBC 1004.  Email staff if you are not certain where to leave your sample.  Wherever you submit, please practice proper social distancing and wash your hands after leaving the lab!

#2) Use the form at   

so that the NMR lab staff has the information necessary to add the sample(s) to the queue.

Please notice there are separate tabs for samples submitted in ISB and SBC so that the staff knows where to return the sample.

Though you can leave samples in the in-racks at any time, please complete the form as soon as possible to the time when you submit your sample.  To avoid confusion the form MUST be completed prior to the pickup times listed below.

#3) The NMR lab staff will adhere to the best of our ability to the schedule below for sample submission to Siena.

  • At 8:30 AM M-F Laurie Harned will pick up any samples submitted in SBC 1004 and travel to ISB.  She will print a copy of the submission form at this time, so please have the form for both ISB and SBC updated prior to 8:30 AM.
  • At 9 AM M-F Laurie Harned will load samples to Siena.
  • If there are additional samples on the SBC form Sarah Neuenswander will stop by SBC at 1:30 PM M-F to retrieve these samples.  Please have the form updated prior to 1:30 PM for Sarah.
  • At 2 PM M-F Sarah will arrive at ISB.  She will print a copy of the submission form at this time.  Please update the ISB form prior to 2 PM.
  • By the end of the day, Sarah will return completed samples to the out-rack on the shelf on the wall in SBC 1004. 

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