Recording NMR spectra during Phase 1 reawakening

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Justin Douglas ( – KU NMR lab v1.0 5/13/20 - edited 5/29/20

During Phase 1 reopening access to the NMR core laboratory is restricted to staff only.  Staff (JTD, LH and SAN) are the only people authorized to enter any spaces designated as the NMR core lab (namely Malott B042, ISB B143-7, SBC 1000, 1004, 1033 and 1081, and McCollum 21).

Starting May 26th, the NMR core lab staff will institute a daily sample drop-off/pick up to enable research activities to continue.

Daily “contactless” sample drop-off/pick up

From 2 PM to 3 PM M-F, the NMR lab staff will place a small table into the hallway just outside ISB B143 and SBC 1004.  This sample will have a rack for NMR tubes. 

Our sample drop-off hour will be enforced strictly.  Don’t be late.  Whatever you do, don’t come in the lab!

When you submit samples, please practice social distancing (> 6 feet) and hygiene guidelines.

Leave your sample or samples in the rack and then please return to your lab or office.

Submitted samples must

  • tolerate a basic cleaning of the external surface with ethanol or similar disinfectant. 
  • be labeled in accordance with EHS guideline. 

To acheive these goals Samples MUST include sample name or code (e.g. JTD-1-14) written on cap or tube with sharpie.  No paper flags, etc.

Figure 1.  NMR tube labeling.

Figure 2.  A “good” and “bad” example of NMR tube labeling.

The NMR lab staff recommends that you write your sample code (with your best penmanship) with a sharpie on the side of the tube.  Then place a piece of scotch tape over it. 

PLEASE NOTE - If the tape goes too far down the tube, we cannot put the spinner on.  Hence it is VERY IMPORTANT that you use this template to assist you when writing on the tube.

There is no paper signup sheet.  Submit sample info electronically at

FOR London (400 MHz in ISB)

For Siena (500 MHz with cryoprobe in ISB)

FOR BigSur (400 MHz in SBC)


NMR lab staff will clean/disinfect the tubes, then move the samples into the lab and load on the autosampler for the walkup 400 in ISB or SBC.  The software will load the sample, perform necessary calibrations, acquire the requested experiment(s), process the spectra and email the data to the user.

Instructions for access to data can be found at 

Samples can be picked up the following day.

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