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KU Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory consists of seven instruments whose capabilities extend from small molecules to isotopically-enriched proteins, solids, and flow samples.  The lab occupies more than 2000 square feet in Malott Hall, the Shankel Structural Biology center and McCollum Laboratories. There are two Bruker Avance 400 MHz NMRs in 104 SBC, one with an H/C/P/N QNP gradient probe, and one with a broadband gradient probe. The second instrument is also equipped with a 60 position BACS sample changer for conventional NMR tubes. It also has BBI and FI gradient probes. A Bruker AVIIIHD 400 MHz NMR with a broadband X-channel detect gradient probe and NMRCase sample changer in 3002 Malott Hall is managed principally for self-service rapid turnaround of routine samples. In B042 Malott, there is a three-channel Bruker DRX 500 MHz spectrometer with broadband fluorine, inverse triple resonance, and high-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS). The instrument also has an MAS controller, a modified BCU-05 temperature bath for low temperature MAS operation, and a liquid nitrogen boil off variable temperature controller. The B042 lab also houses an Avance AVIII 500 MHz spectrometer with a dual carbon/proton (CPDUL) cryoprobe and a 60-position BACS sample changer. This instrument is used primarily under ICON-NMR automation and PDF plot files and binary data can be emailed directly to the requestor as soon as the experiments are finished.  Additionally, in McCollum laboratories, there is a dedicated solid-state Bruker AVIII 400 MHz spectrometer with a wide bore magnet, Bruker 4 mm double resonance MAS probe and Revolution NMR Multiple sample spinning probe with four spin modules.  Finally in Malott room 1001, there is a Bruker EMXplus EPR spectrometer with Oxford cryostat.

Congratulations to Brian Blagg for the Mitscher Professorship great honor for Brian; great way to remember Les

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