London - Room 3002 Malott      











​London is a Bruker AVIIIHD 400 MHz NMR with a broadband X-channel detect gradient probe capable of running 1H and 13C and auto-tuning to 19F and 31P.                                                                                 

London is equipped with a 24 position NMRCase sample changer and is managed principally for self-service rapid turnaround of routine samples.  

All new users working in Malott will be trained on this instrument first.  

Check the status of London's NMRCase Autosampler here.



Paris - Room B042 Malott  












Paris is a three-channel Bruker DRX 500 MHz spectrometer with broadband fluorine, inverse triple resonance, and high-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) probes.

The instrument also has a MAS controller, a modified BCU-05 temperature bath for low temperature operation and a liquid nitrogen boil off variable temperature controller.

Paris is used primarily for special experiments which tend to be more time consuming such as variable temperature and time course experiments.  

This instrument is capable of running many different nuclei including but not limited to boron, selenium, tin and rhodium.



Siena - Room B042 Malott  


Siena is an Avance AVIII 500 MHz spectrometer equipped with a multi-nuclear BBFO cryoprobe and a 60-position BACS sample changer. 

This instrument is primarily operated as a staff-managed queue system.   Users submit their sample and upon completion of their experiments, PDF plot files are emailed directly to the requestor.  

It is highly recommended all 13C and 2D experiments be run on Siena because of the cryoprobe's enhanced signal to noise sensitivity.  

Check the status of Siena's BACS Autosampler here.










Congratulations to Brian Blagg for the Mitscher Professorship great honor for Brian; great way to remember Les

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