How To Access Data

Instructions for accessing data can be downloaded here (pdf format).

For a Windows-compatible format. (1) Open Windows File Explorer (2) Select "This PC" from the list on the left column (3) Click the computer tab at the top and select map network drive (4) For your share type in one of the following:

  • \\\london (400 in ISB with autosampler)
  • \\\paris (walkup 500 in Malott)
  • \\\siena (cryoprobe 500 in ISB)
  • \\\yosemite (walkup 400 in SBC)
  • \\\bigsur (400 in SBC with autosampler)
  • \\\bnmr6 (600 in SBC)
  • \\\grandteton (800 in SBC)

To do the same operation on a Mac, choose Go -> Connect to server. In the box that appears, type smb:// followed by a machine name as shown above. Note that a Mac uses forward slashes, whereas Windows uses back slashes.

Ask the NMR Lab staff for username and password. We will not put these in emails so you will have to find us and ask in person.

If you have issues connecting please consult the troubleshooting section in our more detail guide, which can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Congratulations to Brian Blagg for the Mitscher Professorship great honor for Brian; great way to remember Les

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